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Spring Cleaning into Better Sleep

by | Apr 12, 2023

Mom cleaning to reduce allergies in the house

Spring is a time of new beginnings here in Louisiana. And, for many, it’s a time for cleaning and reorganizing the home.

There’s something about having a clean, organized home environment. If you live in Louisiana, spring cleaning also means ridding the house of classic allergies. Allergens are all too common here!

In fact, there are mental health benefits to keeping your house, and especially your bedroom, tidy. Some researchers believe it can even lead to better sleep. 

That’s why, today, we want to uncover the best spring cleaning tips to get you a better night’s rest. Let’s dig deeper for spring cleaning into better sleep!

Before You Get Started on Spring Cleaning

There may or may not be a lot to handle when it comes to spring cleaning. For those of us that put off deep cleaning (guilty!), it can feel overwhelming when it’s time to get started tackling the mess. Let’s break it down into simple steps so that it doesn’t feel like you’re taking too big of a bite at a time!

Make a List

Writing a list can help put everything into perspective. It can help you get your ideas in order. You can even use this list to assess better what needs to be done.

The list doesn’t have to be completed right away. Maybe some things slip your mind on the first day you write the list. Perhaps something changes that makes cleaning one thing now a priority over something else. Take your time and build a comprehensive list you can reference before moving on to your next step.

Start Small

Take it one small task at a time. Pick a room to start in and go from there. It may seem daunting at first, but you’ve got this. Declutter each room as you go. Maybe open up the windows to let some fresh air in.

As you go, you’ll notice the stress of the mess leaving your shoulders. If you have sleep apnea or trouble sleeping, start with your bedroom. A clean room is more likely to give you much better sleep. In fact, research shows the mental health clarity a clean room can bring.

Ask for Help

Don’t be afraid to ask for help! Get the whole family involved. You don’t have to do this on your own! Make spring cleaning an annual family occasion. You’ll get to bond with some of your loved ones while freshening up the house in a healthy, wholesome way.

3 Top Spring Cleaning Tips for Better Sleep

Not sure where to actually start? When in doubt, follow these spring cleaning tips to get you going in the right direction.

1. Start with Your Bed

Most people spend around a third of their life in bed (8 hours of sleep out of 24 hours in a day!). That’s over 30% of the day in your bed! It makes sense that your bed, then, is the perfect place to start for spring cleaning. 

Remember, start small and take it one step at a time.

Strip and clean all sheets and pillowcases.

If your mattress is older than 7 years or is lumpy or tearing, it may need to be replaced

Replace pillows, too, if necessary. You should generally replace your pillows every 6 months!

Lastly, you might even consider a mattress cover. Also called a mattress protector, they help prevent allergies and are easy to maintain. 

Mattress covers also improve comfort and sleep quality – a big plus for people with sleep apnea or other trouble sleeping. Who doesn’t love an extra layer of protection from allergens and other things that go bump in the night?

2. Declutter Your Bedroom (and Home!)

Next, it’s time to move on to the rest of the bedroom. If you’re like many, the bedroom becomes a bit of a collection space in the home after a while. It’s important to declutter and put things where they belong. 

Sort through all of the things currently in your bedroom. Do they all go there? Likewise, take stock of what you have and decide if you no longer need some of the items. Your tastes may change or there may be something that can make you even more comfortable.

Decluttering your bedroom space will help clear your mind when it’s time for slumber. The more clean and organized a room is where you sleep, the more likely you are to get better rest!

3. Remove Dust from Your Life

Dusting isn’t exactly everyone’s favorite way to spend time, but it must be done regardless. When dusting, try to get every space! Pick up things off your bedside tables, dressers, counters, and other surfaces before wiping down the whole thing.

It might be time to introduce air purifiers to your home. If you already utilize air purifiers, it might be time to change out their filters. Air purifiers can improve sleep and relieve symptoms one might experience from certain allergens.

In fact, air purifiers in your home may even increase your life expectancy, according to some research!

Final Thoughts on Spring Cleaning into Better Sleep

With these helpful tips, we hope your spring cleaning adventure goes off without a hitch. There’s a lot to keep in mind when it comes to spring cleaning. If you center it around what will help you achieve better sleep, though, you’ll have an easier time.

Keeping your bedroom tidy and ensuring your bed feels like home are the most integral steps to getting better sleep. 

And, cleaning can help you feel better overall, too. We know it’s great for your mental health. Use this guide as motivation to get up and get moving for your own spring cleaning!

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