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4 Tips to Discuss Snoring with Your Partner

by | Dec 16, 2022

Picture this. You crawl into bed after a long day at work and slide underneath your cotton sheets. You let your head rest on your favorite pillow after you turn off the bedside light. Your bedroom is quiet, and you feel serene and at peace.

All of a sudden, you hear your partner next to you make a grunting sound. You brush it off because they’ve done this before. Then you hear it, the dreaded snore coming from your partner’s side of the bed. They’re snoring, and you know you’re going to be kept up all night.

Now it’s the morning. You have spent the night tossing, turning, and being woken up by your partner’s snoring, while they seem to be in a deep sleep.

You’re cranky when your partner wakes up and asks, “how did you sleep?” You shrug off the question and get out of bed, far from ready to start your day.

If this sounds like you, it’s time to talk to your partner about their snoring. This can be an awkward topic to discuss. You certainly do not want to offend your partner; you just know that you both need to get the sleep you deserve.

Below you’ll find some tips and tricks for talking to your partner about snoring without seeming insensitive to their condition.

Pick the Right Time

You do not want to bring up your partner’s snoring in the morning after they’ve woken up.

You’re crabby, and chances are you won’t be able to have a mature conversation between the two of you.

Approach the situation delicately later in the day. Make sure neither you or your partner feel rushed to come to a doable solution. Leave plenty of time to talk it out.

Focus on a Solution

Instead of blaming your partner for keeping you up all night, focus on a solution that works best for both of you.

Allow your partner to help you come up with a plan that allows the best night’s sleep for all involved.

Curate your language to avoid placing the blame. Try, “I love you, and I’m worried about your snoring.” instead of, “I can’t deal with your snoring any longer!”

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Stay Calm

Do not allow yourself to feed into your frustration or anger. Approach the situation calmly and do not focus on all of the things your partner is doing wrong.

The bottom line is that snoring is not their fault. They are not snoring to keep you awake. Don’t personalize the problem, instead work as a team to find a solution.

Talk about the Dangers and Medical Needs

There can be serious health risks associated with snoring. Assure your partner that you only want what is best for them and that you really are concerned with their health needs.

Talk to your partner about some of the more serious risks that snoring poses and do your research.

Tell your partner that they are more at risk for serious health concerns such as heart disease, diabetes, and stroke.

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Remind your partner that you are concerned about them and not just concerned about getting a full night’s sleep of your own.

Where to Get Help

If you or your partner think it’s time to talk to a professional about snoring remedies, SleepWell Louisiana is here to help.

We offer a highly effective, non-invasive option for folks who snore and are dedicated to giving you a better night’s sleep using oral appliance therapies and non-surgical alternatives to the industry’s standard treatment options.

One such appliance that might interest your partner is SleepWell Louisiana’s snoring mouthpiece. The snoring mouthpiece fits similarly to a sports mouthguard or a night guard used to minimize teeth grinding, and it is comfortable and quiet.

To learn more about how we can help your partner and you get a better night’s sleep, schedule a complimentary airway consultation today!

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